About Us

We know that when it comes to creating a website for your business it can be tricky – its a complex field and there are many considerations to take in to account. The most popular routes are to use a template building website which may require a very small fee each month or to contact a web design company.

After getting a quote from a web design company you may be left wondering why there is so much variation in pricing. This comes down to quality and budget. Web companies will provide a better quality website but generally do not have the budget to compete due to paying high quality web developers.

This provides a whole host of benefits over a template building website but it comes with the price tag. Template building websites are generally difficult to work with from a developers perspective which can take effect on your website marketing and website loading speeds – arguably the 2 most important factors for a website. They require very little human involvement so are very cost effective.

Website building companies offer you a super cheap low quality website at a monthly fee to tie you in to using there services, there hosting and there marketing strategies which can seriously limit your business and leave you out of pocket down the line.

Thats why we created Simple Sites. After working for years building websites for agencies we decided to build these high quality websites for clients directly – saving our clients, sometimes £1000’s. Theres no need to “build your own website” we will still build your website for you. We are the company which lies somewhere in-between. You get an agency quality website with a template builder price tag.

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